Friday, January 4, 2008

me...hard at work :)

So....Today I got to do a few new things (amongst the boring same ole!) I made an apricot tart. Here are the pics.

I also decided to take a picture of myself today working! Well my friend took it ;) So enjoy me hard at work!!! hahaha

That's about it for today. I want to post this brochure i have...but i can't figure it out. when i do...i will post it! have a nice night. toodles

Thursday, January 3, 2008

So far...

the new year hasn't treated me the best! hasn't been horrible either! I went to see Good Luck Chuck (dane cook and jessica alba) with manuel. HILARIOUS! If you are looking for a funny movie...GO SEE IT! sincere humor. great ;) But after that things went downhill. I had my trainer seb on wed and when I did my second machine I must have pulled something in my head (more like...not enough oxygen in my brain) and i got a MASSIVE headache. So the rest of the session we did things really lightlightly because i was in SO much pain. Afterwards I went grocery shopping (spent SO much money- enough for two weeks) and came home and HAD to lay down i was in SO much pain. And not migraine pain pain. Eventually i got some work done on my thesis and cooked myself duck with pasta and mushrooms ;) Then I TRIED to go to bed at 9 pm but i didn't sleep AT ALL last nite. I mean NOT A WINK. Things I did differently yesterday....I drank a diet coke, i drank sleepy time tea, and I ate duck? WHAT THE HECK!?!? I don't know what it was...but I woke up (besides sleepy) with the WORST pain in my stomach and normally the pain that i felt would have gone away within a few hrs...the end of the day came and i STILL had the pains! ARGH! So between a headache, no sleep, and stomach new year hasn't been the best! However I made an AMAZING dinner for myself and my friend Tyler who came over to pick up the keys for Asima who moves in on Saturday. So...since i've never posted a recipe I will post it (i have to thank Pauline for getting it for me!!!) These are the recipe for Smokies from the restaurant called Eden that I ate them in for the first time in Ireland! So enjoy!!!

Eden smokies
You will need:
Splash of sunflower oil
500g (18oz) naturally smoked haddock, skin off, bones removed and diced
1 punnet of cherry tomatoes, halved
3 spring onions, finely chopped
250g (9oz) creme fraiche
Freshly ground white pepper
Cheddar for sprinkling on top
Heat a frying pan and add the oil. Fry the haddock on all sides. Add the tomatoes, spring onions and creme fraiche and season with the pepper (you will not need salt, as smoked fish is salty). Bring to the boil and place in a serving dish or individual dishes. Sprinkle with cheddar and brown under the grill.
Bon appetit! today was good. I talked more to the chef and to some of the other guys :) We were making sex jokes with the nuts. It was horribly funny and I was NOT the one to start them (imagine that!!!) So i'm prolly gonna get ready for bed soon and hopefully be able to sleep tonite! How was everyone's new year? email me! i'd love to hear from you! toodles

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


So. Today is reflection day. If you have been reading religiously or once in a while...or know me REALLY know what today is. Pause. Think. If not...then I will tell you. Today is my one year anniversary in Paris. One year ago on New Years Eve I was on a plane flying to Paris. I arrived on January 1st. Here I am again...January 1st. Strange. I'm a whole new person. I like it.

First off...I really have to be selfish. For me to pick up and move...normal. As an actress I was always going from one job to another in a different state. But to move to Paris (for what was supposed to only be 9 months!!), far from my mommy and daddy, a WHOLE new career, new language, and a place where i know NO ONE and have no "security blanket" with me (except softee! ha) is a BIG step for me. I was scared shitless when I did it. But I've grown because of it. I am proud of myself for taking that step. I know because of it, I can ONLY go further. So i have to pat myself on the back.

Next...i HAVE to thank my mom and dad. I know they read my blog religiously. And I don't know if I tell them enough how much I appreciate this opportunity. But i think they can tell. In any case...I know when I first told them on July 22, 2006 my parents were both very excited...but my mom was hesitant. She still wants me to come home ;) But I think for the both of's been a great experience. Well i know on my's good to be separated (and i know my readers know my mom!) She's great...but a handful! heehee. love you mommy. In any case, I owe them everything. Being in Paris is AMAZING. I couldn't ask for a better life. How many people do I know (besides the ones I went to school with) can say they lived in Paris for a year? I'm so lucky, so fortunate and I have to thank my parents. THANK YOU if i don't say it enough. blog. Today was my 365th post. I did that on purpose. And I thought about the reason I blog. Many reasons. My blog IS my "security blanket". I know when I have a problem I blog. When I feel like I've had too much "french" i come to my Americans and blog. It's a place where I can ALWAYS speak English and EVERYONE understands it! And it's a place where I can rant, rave, bitch, complain, brag, share my fun and I don't get anyone screaming in my ear! I can just let loose! I can talk and no one talks back :) It's like a dog! Wonderful. But it's relaxing for me. I can just talk. Now, that being said...i would like more comments from people...but it's OK! Just to know you are reading it enough for me! But THANK YOU for reading. It's nice to know there are some people out there that care!

As far as my change...I've made new friendships this year which I HOPE i keep in touch with them and I've also lost some. And that's OK. That's what life is about. People change. I'm not hurt about it...but like I said in my resolution post...i need to move on (which is hard for me). I keep trying to find a way to make contact with those old friends and it doesn't work. So...get over it! While I've been gone TONS of people have gotten engaged/married. It's like now is the time. I'm happy everyone is so happy. And thank you all for being concerned about my love life...but my career is more important right I'm focusing on that. Love will come...I'm sure of it ;) It takes time like everything else. Oh, and my weight. Yes I've put on pounds. But right now I'm actually losing some weight by just enjoying eating. It's a whole new way of looking at food. And I've never been so happy...and that's the important thing! So if i can eat what I want, look and feel good that's all i can ask for! Other changes...I found a phobia I had that I never knew I had before...stairs. Strangest thing. But I have a fear of falling down/or up stairs. I get scared actually. I don't know if there is a word for this or not. I mean I still take the stairs...but it's a fear I have and every time I walk stairs I think what would happen if I fell all the way down. Freaks me out! It's a new thing though. Otherwise...I really have changed a lot...but you have to be with me to notice them. I am sure when I get home everyone will notice the difference. Whether you think it's a good thing or a's me. And people change for the better or worse all the time...and you can choose if you want to deal with it or not...but I'm happy :)

So...I am closing this chapter. After this one year in Paris I know anything is possible. I am looking forward to it ;) Keep reading my blog...cause i won't stop...promise.

New Years Eve Paris!

WOAH! What started out as a mellow night and i thought i would die of boredom...turned into a massive morning hangover :)

So...Since i worked the overnight shift I was sleeping during the day til around 4ish. Then I didn't do much til for the first time in over a month I decided to blow dry my hair!!! I took a picture but it isn't the best!

So as you can hair is getting long again!!! YAH! I haven't cut it since August and I don't plan on cutting it til right before i leave here :) I'm dying cause i have gray hair and split ends...but I'm trying to wait! ha. I put on clothes and makeup and my hair all "did" and i felt great! So at 7:30ish I went over to Fernando's new pad! He lives so close to me now! FUN! And we sat around for an hr waiting for his friend to come over...but he didn't so then we went on a search for dinner. Well obviously things were closed or booked! And i wanted to go out with a by 9:45 we decided to split. He went home...I went home and I thought...GREAT...there goes my night. I knew it was going to be LAME! So i went home...made myself some good ole' American macaroni and cheese (i need to go grocery shopping) and started drinking a bottle of Absinthe my old roommate Liz left behind from Prague. That's when it started getting CRAZY! Well I talked to friends online. Kaitlin told me i HAD to get out of the house. After 4 glasses of Absinthe I knew i had to do something. I was all dressed and feeling good at this I went to the Moose. It's a Canadian bar where they speak English and french and it's RIGHT next to work. So I had a Guinness and waited for the new year...and Teddy ;) The new year rang before teddy did...but when he came I got my new years kiss. Anyway...we spent a good 30 min together and at that point i was pretty tipsy! I went into work to say hi to everyone (they were shocked at the way i looked!), give kisses and then I went home around 1ish. drinking had led me to eating. I must have eaten my entire kitchen last nite (didn't notice til i woke up to my mess!!). Went to bed at 2 (one foot on the ground so the room would stop spinning. try works! I learned it in Ireland!!) I woke up around 8:30ish and i walked into my wall (still drunk) and had a POUNDING headache. I took Advil and went back to bed. Woke up and 12...still walking into walls a bit...but no headache. So...was my new years everything i wanted it to be? Nah...but it will do. Till next year...


I thought if i posted them...i would follow them :)

1) Continue with my healthy lifestyle (this does not mean lose weight! i've already realised beauty comes from within and i don't need to be skinny!)

2) Let it go. I try and stay attached to things too long when they are ready to just fizzle. Whether it be a relationship, a fight I had, an overeating binge I had, a mistake I made in my life...just get over it!

3) Find a good job/apartment/school when I get home!!! How hard can this be?!? hahaha

4) Make the best out of my time in Paris (I will be here for 6 months of 2008!). I really want to take advantage of everything around me. I need to appreciate it more.

5) And since i'm going to make my list short this last one is to enjoy life. I noticed how life flew right by me this year. It went so quickly. And YES...don't get me wrong...i enjoyed every bit of it...but with my new career coming up, i KNOW how i get and how focused I can be. So everyonce in a while I just need to sit back and enjoy life!! Starting now. Happy New Year 2008 Everyone!!!

Monday, December 31, 2007

ONE MONTH! crazy is this....I've been working at Gerard Mulot for ONE MONTH! WOAH! I only work there for 3 months and this month went by CRAZY fast! I remember the first week like it was yesterday and telling Kaitlin that I was gonna die it was going to go so slowly...but nope! It's going by SOOOO quickly! Anyway...I'm learning SOOOO much!!! I'm SO happy I am in this profession. And I'm more happy that I got hooked up with SUCH an amazing Stage. I got so lucky!!!! The people are great, the chef is great...and the pastries are the best part :)

Oh...and an update on boys :) hahah. Well...Boy B (teddy) we get along really well. If he would stop calling so much it would be better ;) Boy A and E (the ones who are friends) I made progress with them at my overnight. However the friend of A...he's was totally digging the fact that I don't have a boyfriend. ha. and I found out they both are 22. WHY do i go for the younger ones?!? Oh well. Oh...and the funniest one was boy C (asshole) i served him coffee a couple days ago and in a really bad accent he goes "i love you" because i gave him coffee. And last nite at my overnight he was flirting. He flicked water at flirt!

As far as critcism and feedback. I have been getting a lot of that's perfect or c'est bon. Now...before you think I'm tooting my own horn...I always say...well it's not PERFECT, but thank you. I am working really hard. I want to prove to them, and myself that this is my new profession and i AM capable of doing this!!! So it's nice to hear that i CAN succeed at this!!! So that's that. Other than is's to 2 more months!!!! YAH!

Overnight 3

So THIS overnight started at 8 pm!!! I had about 5.5 hrs of sleep and I thought i'd be ok! I was :) I was a little sleepy when I got there, but i think it was because I was a bit food comatose! I ate a lot for dinner so I would be full. But it didn't matter because for some reason at work I snacked a bunch.

When I first arrived I made kugelhopf. I guess people wanted a lot of it for the new year so I was supposed to make 4 batches instead of 2 and the first two needed to be done the night before! So i did that. THEN...remember christmas with all of the "four sales" (the little quiches and tartlets?) Well we made tons of those again (that's when I was snacking). I didn't take pictures again...but i did thousands of those again. Then the fun part! I got to work with Pierre...the guy who makes croissants every day (isn't that so cliche? Pierre the croissantiere? hahaha). So I made some dough with him. It was SOOO fun! I love making bread. I think that may be my calling...but I'm still not sure! is a picture.

Then I went back to my station eventually. I made the peach tart again and then I got to make a new tart! The (pistachio almond cream) pear/grapefruit tart. I've never tried it before...but it sounds good!!! Anyway...first there is the pistachio almond cream which I didn't put on. But then i had to thinly...and i mean THINLY slice the pears (which we cook everyday ourselves) and lay them ontop. It's harder than it looks! Then after that I put on the grapefruit (remember i mentioned cutting those) and if you see what I'm seeing...that tart looks a little dirty ;) was fun! Then I went back to petit gateaux and made more buchettes. ofcourse! i think we are done with them though...not sure. Anyway...I got out at 6:30 instead of 6...but it was fine. I was wide awake! I came home and went to bed around 7:15 am. Now I'm planning tonites festivities!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Crying and Sick

Ok....this is a random post. But it's about two important things.

1) This girl i work with has cried twice at work this week. Now...I'm not being prejudice...but she is Asian (I think Japanese) But...the asians at my school cried a lot and really easily too. Is that a stereotype? Or an "asian" thing? I mean...I have no clue where it came from? That time of the month maybe? But randomly, something must have ticked her off and BANG...the tears! I've already learned...the ONLY job there are tears THEATRE (you HAVE to be emotional) but there is NO crying in Pastry! Even when I've gotten yelled at or thought i was horrible...i don't think i've cried. Ok...when I got second place at LCB...i cried...happy cry! But otherwise...NO CRYING FOR ME! (maybe this a good job for me! hahaha). But seriously...just weird!

2) Malade=sick. EVERYONE at work is sick. So i said that today. And someone said to me "maybe if you worked more you would be sick too". The same person who said to me 2 days before "you can just are a stagiare" and the same person who two hrs later said to me (when I said I wasn't sick) "it's because you know how eat all of your vitamins". I mean, the first comment made me wanna snap back! ARGH! but i didn't. I just shut my mouth :) Good for me! hahaha. But anyway...The sick thing. I TRUELY believe it's from the who french "bizou" (kiss) and hand shake. We spread germs like CRAZY! I WILL NOT GET SICK! I wash my hands like every two minutes...i drink my water like a good girl (no one else does) and I don't eat the pastries every two minutes like everyone else does! In anycase...I will avoid this. It's so gross that everyone just blows their nose and then doesn't wash their hands! YUCK! and if you are THAT sick...i can't believe you are at work. ATLEAST try and have a good attitude. I know you feel like shit...but if you come to work like that, you won't produce good work and you're just gonna feel more lousy as the day goes on. Be positive people! ARGH! makes me mad!

Anyway...getting ready for my 8 pm shift :)

Overnight 2

Once again...I started at 1 am. However today I felt like i was going to fall asleep. And when I got there I expected the same thing as last nite...Galette production (which made my time go by really quickly) Well...there was none today! We just went into normal things! So I KNEW it was going to be a long day!!!! I started with the apples (as usual!!!) Then I got to make a peach tart which I've never done before (and i took pictures!!) They are a lot like the plum tarts...but you have to weigh them. And the way they are finished are different. I forgot to take pictures of the finishd product...which looks completely differnt!

And then...I got to go to Petit Gateaux today!! So i have plenty of pictures :) I got to do new things :) Some I didn't take pictures of. Like i put chestnuts and gold leaf on some barquettes, and I put chocolate emblems on chocolate cakes...but those were little things so I didn't take pictures of them. But the next thing I got to do were framboise (raspberry) tart. I put the rasberries on individually and then had to "paint" them with a glaze.

Then the next thing is the charlotte. I powder sugared the bases then did the same thing, but had to put the raspberries onto a little card, "paint" them and then slide them onto the top so it wouldn't get dirty!

Then after that I went back and lined some tarts and then eventually I wound up making buchettes again :) I actually was TEACHING someone to make them. It was WEIRD! It was like I was in charge. And the girl didn't speak a lick of it was rather amusing. Turns out...she did a shitty job and she had to redo them. Ooops. I felt really bad...but they told me to let HER do them. So what was I supposed to do?!?!

Today I was supposed to leave at 10:30...but since I was working tonite at 8 pm, chef told me to leave at 10 am. So that was nice. And it was weird, because at the beginning of the night I was exhausted...but by the morning i was so awake and I could have kept going for hrs!!!! I had another pain au raisin at 7 am for breakfast. It's also nice to work night shifts because I get to see when everyone comes in :) Other than that...I came home and went to bed at 11. Work tonite at 8 pm!!!!! New years eve production! YAH!!!