Saturday, December 29, 2007

Overnight 1

So this was my third over night really...but my first this time for the next three nights (if that makes sense). And it wasn't bad again. We made galetes de roi (i'm going to do a separate posting about those) and then once again i peeled apples and cleaned mini tartlettes. But seriously...that's all i did! haha. We made those galettes forever!! But, I worked from 1 am to 10:30 am and I wasn't hungry til about 7ish when I ate a pain au raisin. And i didn't get sleepy til 10:30 on the dot in which I KNEW i needed to go home then!!!

But the eventful parts of the day were I got scolded for the first time for something that happened yesterday which I guess no one was going to tell me about. I supposedly rolled out a dough wrong (which was my first time doing it and no one bothered to show me) and i left some dough in the fridge when i left (which i did tell someone i was doing that and they said ok). So...I took the rap and that's fine...but i'm glad someone told me instead of letting it go. It would have made me mad that no one would have told me my mistakes. I need to learn from my wrong. So Lisa (the cool girl-who i figured out how to spell her name and speaks english) decided to tell me. She was cool about it though. And the other thing that happened was i FINALLY (which this isn't the best of things) got to say Oui Chef twice today. That means the chef told me to do something different and I had to answer to him. Once Chef Mulot told me something and then Chef Benault told me something. But i was really excited to say it ;) So i said it proudly. i a culinary student or what?!?! hahaha. But it was just that I put too many pistachios on the galette so the first time i said Oui to not put too many on and the second time I said Oui to remove them :) I'm such a good worker. hahaha.

Oh and I forgot to mention that Teddy and i went out for 30 min before work. He had a drink and I went to keep him company :) It's nice getting to know him.

I slept today from 12 noon (after i went to the post office to get my carte de sejour FINALLY after 4 months!!! But it's only til the end of march! ARGH!) til 10 pm! wow!!'s getting time for me to go to work again! I love it!!!! toodles

Friday, December 28, 2007

Crazy work hrs again!!

So...I went to work at 6 am today like normal. And I looked at my schedule for next week. Well on monday it said I had the 20 hr shift again (meaning come in at 8 pm on that sunday night) However, I was finishing at 4 pm that same day! I thought it was I asked Birke about it. Well...I don't know if that was a good thing (because i like night shifts) or a bad thing (cause now i have too many) but she changed my schedule for the weekend completely!! SO today I was supposed to work from 6 am to 4pm and the same for sat and sunday. NOW...This is my new schedule:

Friday: 6 am to 12pm (noon)
Sat: 1 am to 10:30 am
Sunday: 1am to 10:30 am
(Sun night) Monday (the 30th to the 31st) : 8 pm to 6 am
That means the 31st I have all day and night off!!!
Tues (the 1st): OFF (meaning...i can go out for new years!!!)
Wed: off
Thur-Sun: back to normal 6 am to 3:30 pm

So...I like working nights. I get to work with boy B. Which, by the way, has found my blog. SO...we can call him by his name now since he knows who he is. His name is Teddy. We've gotten close over the last few days! He's really fun to be with. Although he knows to cut back on the calling. It was cute though :) Anyway...i'm excited I have a new french friend who speaks english!!!! Always could use more friends! I slept 6 hrs. I'm kinda mad. I wanted to sleep more like hopefully at work I won't be tired. But I hadn't eaten ALL I woke up STARVING! I couldn't sleep anymore because my stomach was growling! So i woke up. I feel fine now, but we'll see what happens at work. Now I'm going to get ready for work and maybe start watching a movie. It's so early I don't know what to do to keep myself busy....

days off!

So i had a LOVELY two days off! On Wednesday I went to the gym and then stayed in all day to do some thesis work and to write my resume! If anyone has resume tips for a chef...send them my way! I need the help! But I got some work done for my paper which was good. Then in the evening I left the house for a bit to go to the grocery store. I went to bed rather early to get back on track. Then on Thursday I had my trainer in the morning and Seb kicked my butt...literally! We worked the lower half of my body this time since my elevator is working and it kills now!!! Anyway...the cute guy at the gym was there...and he talked to Seb and said something to me...but I was SOOO fixated on him I had no clue what he said :) Oh...and guess what...he IS jewish! I KNEW IT!!!! Seb was laughing at me because after he came I was working out so much harder and then I even started to speak french to show off! He's so cute though!!!! Anyway I came home and Liz had left (to Canada) so cleaned ALLLLLLL day :) (liz-if you read wasn't because I didn't trust's because I don't trust the cleaning lady!!!) So i cleaned her room, my room and the kitchen. Eventually i finished and then at 4:30 I walked to the Champs and did some shopping. Ok...mainly a big spree at Sephora. At 7 pm I met Dzintra for Sushi at a place called Kaiten. It's one of those places where you pick off of the assembly line. LOVE IT! I was dying for sushi and it was great to catch up with Dzintra! Came home and went to bed. Great two days off!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Joyeux Noel!

Well...i waited to post this til my two overnight shifts were done! So here goes. (plus there is a GREAT slideshow at the end!!!!) sunday night I woke up at 6 pm and walked to work to get there at 8 pm! almost NO one was there! It looked like it was going to be pretty tranquil! Well...NO ONE was working who spoke english and me and Maki (u will see the pics) were the only girls!!! Otherwise the rest were boys! But my french and I managed! It was actually a ton of fun! I started out putting a TON of frozen salty petits fours on baking sheets and then we baked them and then I had to rearrange them onto plaques. (like i can see PLENTY of pictures) When we had downtime or I got bored...I made coffee as usual or took pictures of the bakery so you could see where I work! Chef wasn't there and neither were too many people so I didn't feel bad about snapping shots! At around 1 am a few more people came in. Then at 4 a few more came in. It was around then when I first started to get hungry...but tired...NO WAY! At 6 am when I was supposed to be done (i was working on buchettes at this time) they asked if I could stay! And you know how I can't say no! hahaha. So I stayed til around 7:20ish. So...i worked from 8pm-7:20 am and not ONCE did i stop and take a break! WOW...first experience for me...and i love EVERY MINUTE OF IT! Then I came home and at 8 am I went to bed and slept til around 6ish! I woke up and then did a whole bunch of crap. I did some laundry, read a magazine, talked to some folks online/on the phone, sent emails...blah blah blah. Then at 12ish I went to work. I met up with boy # B and we chatted for a while before work started at 1 am! Then I went into work and because it was xmas- boy B brought he poured us a glass and we toasted...too sweet! There wasn't much work for me so I walked around for a while, learned how to make bread, then eventually I made some prune tarts. Then eventually at 4 am I got to do some work. I made a few pots of coffee and then at 4ish I did apples again as usual and then buchettes :) Then at 6:30 I was done (overtime again!) But chef came over and looked at my stuff and kinda shook his head. I knew there was NO way I could stay today. Even when I first walked in, chef said to me I wasn't smiling...I was..just not at that moment. And at work...I am known as the girl who NEVER stops smiling...YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! i can't help it...i love my job :) i went home. I was supposed to end at 6 and i stayed 30 min later but i still felt bad leaving when everyone else was staying on xmas working their asses off. But i went home and at 7:30 I went to bed til 2:30ish. I forced myself to wake up because I wanted to get back on a normal schedule! So I went to see My Blueberry Nights. GREAT movie. I've been doing good with the movies recently! I had no clue what this was about...but i loved it so much! It was a thinker...but it was good for me! Then after that I went to dinner for Pizza (the chinese places were closed! and I am supposed to have sushi on I opted for pizza). I met two really nice Australian girls so I wasn't lonely at dinner :) Then I went to starbucks for a decaf creme brulee soy latte while I read my Gourmet Magazine. And then I walked home listening to xmas music. It wasn't the most eventful of christmas' but it was a good day. And i LOVE working in a pastry shop ;) And to think a year ago i was singer...hahaha. Sweet dreams and enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

No way! before i get to my NO WAY...i'm gonn post some things I forgot to say :) elevator is up and running, BUT for only a week or so. Til the 2nd of Jan. But that's good enough for me since my work schedule is so crazy! Yesterday at work I got to work in the petit gateaux section! It was thrilling! However most of the time i made buches (logs) which you saw a couple of photos of. I'm going to post all of my xmas photos on wed though! And...i don't remember which guy...oh uni brown guy who is the jerk...was incharge of me yesterday and he was actually nice! I'm not sure if it's because he is sick...but i think it's because he knows i actually have talent and I'm not just some girl! He told me something i did was perfect. I knew it wasn't perfect so I questioned him and I actually got a smile out of him! It was funny. Then at lunch time he told me to go eat but I wasn't done...and he insisted i eat and I said NO...i will finish my work and THEN eat. He was like...suite yourself. So 35 min later I ate a cold meal...but I felt good about finishing! AND i went to see the movie about Bob Dylan "Im not there" BRILLIANT! AMAZING! GO SEE IT! It was worth my evening! Manuel and i went sat nite. I'm not the BIGGEST dylan fan but i like his music and the way the movie was put together was GREAT and the music and everything...spectacular! I loved it. We also swapped xmas gifts! Well I gave him his (a new man bag) and he gave me half of mine...this GREAT sliver drop necklace. He said it was for my boobs :) hahaha. WHICH he is totally right will fit perfectly with them! I LOVE IT and i can't wait to wear it!!!! my NO WAY! I get to work this morning (sunday) at 6 am. The girl incharge asks what time i'm done. I say 3:30...the normal. Because I knew monday nite I had to come in at 8 pm. Which is kinda like a day off. Anyway...she was like...u better check the schedule again...cause it's 8pm tonite! I was like..uh ok. SO i looked...I got off at 11:30 in the morn so I could go home to sleep and come back at 8 pm (sunday nite) and work til 6 am (monday morn) HOW CRAZY! So i came home...took a nap from 12-6 and now...i'm about to go to work! So...i'll post more tomorrow when I get up...because tomorrow when i get home at 6, i'll go to bed and then i have to be at work at 1 am in the morn(tue)! hahaha. Oh well..have a good to work for the second time today! toodles