Tuesday, September 4, 2007

September 4, 2007

Another kooky day. This morning I met them at their hotel around 11. I brought them some lenotre cause they needed to try some more good pastries :) Then we went to Brand Bazaar which is one of my favorite stores and mom got something there too! I then took them to Maison du chocolat so dad could try the amazing caramel eclair! He LOVED it. Then we took the metro to this crepe place that I randomly found one day because of my city walks called Chez Yannik...and their crepes are AMAZING! We had lunch crepes and then we split a dessert crepe! Outstanding! Then we went shopping more in that area. After that we went to printemp and the other gallery lafayette and once again mom got lucky! I almost got lucky...but couldnt make up my mind and didnt want to rush into such and important purchase ;) After that we eventually came back to the hotel to get ready for our evening out. Tonite we went to Plaza Athenee, where I want to do one of my internships! The food was outstanding as well as the wine and service. Enjoy the pictures. Pay attention to the dessert pictures...cause that's prolly what I'll be doing!!!!

I came home and packed and got as much ready as I could before i passed out! Can't wait to have a vacation and drink some GUINNESS!!!!

September 3, 2007

Today was a mishmosh day! I walked to their hotel with a pitstop at school to get myself a good locker ;) After I got to the hotel we started off by running errands that I needed to do like go to my bank and buy me a new camera (again!!!!) Since galleries lafayette was so close...we went there as well. Mom actually bought something this time! So that was good. Made everyone happy :) We then went to eat. We were going to go to this bad chain burger joint...but instead we decided to go to another bad chain burger joint...MCDONALDS :) I think i got sick from it...but it's always worth it :) After that we went to the Jardin de Tuileries which took us into the Louvre. That was a short trip :) So boring in my opinion! On the way back to the metro we walked Rue St Honore...very pricey shopping...but mom wanted to see it. On the walk...we ran into people from home that mom used to work for! Small world. So we chatted for a while and continued our walk. We then went to Plaza Athenee to make dinner reservations for Tues and I saw Don Johnson and said to him " you were great in Guys and Dolls in London" and he goes "thank you" I was in awe. NO ONE knew him. No body guard. NOTHING! CRAZY! Anyway...we then split off, I came home and did some laundry and got a bit organized and mom and dad went home. At 7:45 we met up to go eat dinner at Bellisaire (right around the corner from school) with Sarah Fritz. It was a nice meal...but i was SOOO full and didnt feel well, that I actually didnt eat my meal! I know...tell me about it. And NO dessert...i mean what's wrong!??! I walked home and went to bed around 12.

Monday, September 3, 2007

September 2, 2007

Today was a lazy day. We woke up late and I met my parents at the hotel at 11 am. We then went to Breakfast in America, my favorite american diner on sunday mornings! Mom and Dad got a kick out of it...but loved the fact they had free refils on american coffee :) After that we walked to Notre Dame and walked the islands. Then we went for ice cream at Bertillon on the islands. Mom and Dad DEFINATELY like that place ;) Eventually we went to the Jardin de Luxembourg. We walked that and sat and relaxed. Then at 7 pm we went to my friend Dzintra's and her husband Alan's and daughter Samantha's house for dinner. She made us a GREAT meal. We were there til 11. It was a GREAT nite.

September 1, 2007

Today was a LONG day. Mom and dad came over today and we left from my place. We walked my market in the morning and got olives and bread. Which was eaten all day :) We then went to versaille. We went in every building there and even drove a golf cart around for an hr. We walked all of the grounds and the gardens. Sat down for a while and enjoyed the scenery. Eventually we ate the CRAPIEST dinner ever! Then at 9:30 we saw the fire, fireworks, and water show. It was outstanding! We took the metro home and I got home by 12:30 and was asleep by 1. in writing it looked like a short day, but it was the longest one so far!!!