Thursday, January 17, 2008


I am SOOOO behind on blogging. I think i'm just behind on life in general. I haven't been at the computer much. I had to respond to 7 emails that I was slacking on! EEKS! that's SOO unlike me. But i think i'm back on track. AND i forgot to mention last weeks movie that I saw. Asima came with Manuel and I this time. We saw Razzle Dazzle...but in France they changed the name to Dancing Queen. Stupid idea because 1) then you think it's about a bunch of queens running around dancing (meaning gays!) and 2) No one is gonna want to see it then! was a mockumentary about Australian dance teams going to a dance competition! Hilarious! I love mockumentaries. Same line as Best in Show and a Mighty Wind style. SOOO good. But that was last Sunday...oops! See...i told you...I'm slacking! I had two days off. I tried to take advantage of the sales. I didn't do amazing...but i got a few things. i tried on this dress but I wasn't sure i loved it. But i can't stop thinking about i think I'm gonna go get it tomorrow after work since it's on my walk home. It was a cheapy cotton one...not like a super expensive fancy one. And there were a pair of boots i liked too...but i'm still debating those! ARGH...sales :)

OH...and the highlight of my days off was on wed morn I met Edwige (the woman in charge of my HEG-gastronomy program) for coffee at Starbucks! We chatted for a while. It was SOOO good to see her. She looks great...even with her new accessories :) heehee. I have to apologize because I didn't bring my camera and she wanted to be on my time! PROMISE! But was a great time.

Other than's been a hectic two days off. Running around a bunch. One of these days I'm just gonna lay in bed and do NOTHING! Yah right! I can't imagine myself doing that! Oh well. Back to the grind tomorrow. For now...more thesis work. Off to read! toodles

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1/15/2008 or 15/1/2008

Depending on where you are living! Anyway...this was a big day for me. It was the day that I realised why g-d brought me to Paris. It took me over a year to realise it...and it was a LONG journey...but I figured it out. From here...I have an even LONGER journey to go. It's pretty personal to post on my if you are my friend and care to know...shoot me an email. However I thought I would post that i feel good about where things are going and it's good when that type of realisation comes about. That's it!! Hope everyone is well.

Monday, January 14, 2008


So work has been great! I've been obviously working on galettes a lot! Here are a few pics (i did NOT make this one...chef did! DUH!)

That's me serving coffee! hahah. Chef said to me (in french ofcourse) "is there a strike on coffee?" because I was SO busy with making galettes i didnt have time to make coffee! It was funny. Then the next day he was clapping his hands and going "du cafe, sil vous plait" it rhymed. GREAT!!! Ofcourse i made him coffee!
Other than that today(oops...posted a little late) I did a LOT of peeling...mangos and pears. I think I peeled for an hr and a half total! eeks. But i'm still loving it!
Today wasn't the best day though. My metro was late so when I arrived everyone thought I wasn't gonna show up! But i did :) Then I hit my finger with the rolling pin! Ouch! Then eventually I cut myself with the peeler. And to top it all was "joke with penny" day. Ok, not really, but two people made me believe something that wasn't true! I laughed in the end...but argh! The whole french/american speaking thing can be annoying sometimes! Oh and two new people started today. I dont know if they are interns or workers...but yah.
And the pictures below are of Alex decorating a cake (well styrofoam). I took pictures of the progress and then him at the end with it. It was BRIGHT pink. Who in their right mind would order that?!?!

So as i said I posted late...but yah. Now i have two days off. More posts to come!!!