Thursday, September 20, 2007

September 19, 2007

Like I wrote on my away message...same shit...different day! Gym, then came home and got dressed cause I went to school early to help Alex out with some uniform stuff. Then the boring yet interesting part of my day started. From 3:30-6ish we watched Chef do a demo in molecular cooking. It was pretty cool. I learned some stuff about food I have eaten at a few restaurants, including favorite meal of all times. It's pretty cool to see how something is made that you've actually eaten! Anyway...the demo was interesting...but the off, I don't like beets so I didn't eat much of it. Second, texture...WEIRD! Third...overall the concept is just so over the top...unless you put something normal with it, it just doesn't fly. Anyway, I still had fun watching and definately said "ooh" and "aaah" a few times! But then at 6:30 there was a speaker on molecular cooking. Now as interested as I am...he spoke for almost 2 hrs and he was boring as hell. blame it partially on me. I'm not fluent in french. I understood about 1/2 of his presentation, but the other half...LOST! and it was chemistry...what do you expect me to attention? ;) No but seriously...they said they usually have a translator for this section of class...but everyone spoke french this year so they didn't. Um did they forget about me?!?! No...they just have too much faith in me! I guess they should...i CAN comprehend more than I think! Anyway, we were all starving by the end of him showing us how to cook eggs with ethanol and telling is we can't eat it (DUH!) amongst other pretty neat tricks. SO chef took out a bottle of red wine and some bread and cheese. It was nice. But shortly after Dzintra took me home and I gorged on bread and butter...something I was craving for some reason! I went to bed pretty much after that.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

September 18, 2007

So i started my day off at the gym. Came home and prepared my weekend dinner party. Well i just got my ingredients together on a card so i know what to buy! Then i got dressed. The weather is starting to change it's been in the 60s. A little cooler than usual. Anyway...I went to school early because I had a mtg to renew my carte de sejour because i am staying so much longer now!!!!! After that we had our second class on vacuum pack cooking. Once interesting! Today we focused on fish, fruit and vegetables. I made, specifically, the apple compote (which was delicious) but I also made the 3 peppercorn sauce and chef commended me again on a great sauce! It was really good. Class is so much fun when we work as a team. We just chat and eat! We didn't take a break and we pretty much started cooking after 30 min of lecture so we got out at 7:15ish. Pretty nice! I came home and it was a GREAT nite. I watched that stupid movie called Knocked Up...not too bad though...horrible ending. But the best part was I got to catch up with some old friends. I love doing that! Made me happy! Overall it was a great day :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September 17, 2007

Back on track and i feel better than ever! I went to the gym this morning...set up and appt with a trainer and after I bought a few groceries. I actually don't need much because I eat a banana before the gym, then after I eat a sensible lunch, then i may eat a snack before school if Im hungry but usually i just go to school and then dinner is at school with the tasters. So i'm set with whatever we make at school (if we make stuff) i take it home. Anyway, i came home and made myself some eggs and a piece of toast. Yum! I then went to sephora to buy myself a new perfume since last week i broke my newest bottle and this week I ran out of my old stuff! I asked the lady for something that smelled like baby powder and bingo! It was perfect. Made in france...called Stella Cadente. She has a website. Check it out. Smells amazing. Then I went to school and putzed on the computer and talked to Peter my classmate. Eventually I went to class. It was SOOO cool today. We learned Vacuum sealing food and how to cook it. The concept it so brilliant but difficult at the same time! Anyway...For about an hr we were lectured and took notes and then til 9 pm (with one 15 min break) we worked together as a group making 7+ recipes! It was so much fun. We chatted. We cooked. We learned. It was so layed back and enjoyable! and the food...OMG! soooo good! We all kind of took charge of one part of a recipe. I made a jus for one of them...and guess what...i did it correctly :) Chef commended me on it! I don't get why one time i do it right and the next i fail? Oh well...that's life! you move on! Anyway...class was so much fun! We finished early and Dzintra brought me home. I went to bed around 11:30 because I was so wired I couldn't go to bed!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Le week-end

So as you know...I never have class on friday, so my weekends consist of friday, saturday and sunday! So...unless something spectacular happens during my weekends, I'll prolly just put them together in one blog! Big events of my weekend....mmmm....friday nite I went to dinner with Sarah at some cute little restaurant. Saturday my friend Ping Wen invited me over for home made chinese (not what you think of when you go to a chinese restaurant) food! It was AMAZING and HOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! he made these stuffed chili peppers that were to die for! i mean just amazing! And everything else was just delicious! It was a very nice group of people as well. And sunday was prolly the best day of the weekend. I went with Dzintra, Alan, Samantha (my french family- who aren't really french) and one of her friend's Gina to see No Reservations and out for pizza and ice cream then back to Dzintra's to chill for a bit. It was a beautiful day outside so I walked there and we walked Gina home. It was just nice to be with a family who really cares about me since I'm so far away from home. I love those guys!!!! Anyway, it was a very relaxing weekend. Looking forward to an awesome weekend of cooking! Sleep tight all :)