Thursday, March 20, 2008

The man I love...

Work! Today was the beginning of my last week. And I worked the morning shift! I HATE the morning shift. I like my evening hrs. I worked from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm! BOGUS! I had one 30 min break. ARGH! Anyway...I was busy...but I took a few pictures of not necessarily things I made. here are a few to browse.

These are the new tarts at work that I got to make today. One is a pear in strawberry juice with chestnut cream. The other is a pineapple chutney with mango in a szechwan pepper sauce.

Then the other thing I did at work for HOURS was finish the decoration of eggs! I got to put on the belt and the little chocolate circle that says joyeus pacques! Here are some pictures! I did 160 of them.

And now onto the title of my blog! I got a REAL surprise when I walked in today and I saw the man I love...Chef Michalak...standing there in a suit and then leaving but later returning to work! I was told last week I would never see him again! And there he was! It made my day! SO...i had a camera and I knew today was my day! So i approached French...and asked to take his picture! So here it is folks. I apologize for my rosy cheeks...but i was NERVOUS! and with that i revoir :)

Asima's Graduation

Hi all! I've had a few days off. They have been nice. For St. Pat's day I didn't do much except pack and drink a Guinness in my room alone :) Half fun...half not.

I also bought a camera on my day off. Yes...if you read my blogs and pay attention, you should know this is my 4th camera in Paris! AHHHH! Oh well. It's cheaper to buy a cheap digital than a very cheap disposable with pictures you have to develop! I also hung out with Raj, Asima's Husband, a bit while waiting for Asima to finish her final exam! We had fun :) Other than that, I did some grocery shopping and relaxed. The highlight of my days off was Asima's graduation! I cooked the two of them dinner for the occasion. It was a great day! I am so proud of her! Below are some pictures. Enjoy.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

lost camera

Yes. It's true. I lost my camera. In a cab I think. In any pictures for a little. My apologies for all that ONLY look at my pictures and don't read my blog ;) Anyway...overall things are pretty good. Asima's husband is in town. I'm so happy for her. Last nite I got to take some pastries home from work for them! It was a party for them :) This was just a short blog to mention my camera. I'll post more after my weekend! Hope everyone else is just as good as i am! toodles