Friday, February 8, 2008

oh great...

So my wonderful jean day yesterday had a HUGE unterruption. I looked adorable. As you can see in the pictures ;) (with my cool new boots...and i got tons of compliments on them! Guess they were worth the price!)

Anyway...but i had to go to the dr. Well he gave me more amoxicilline and then prednisone. I knew I heard of it before but I didn't remember. So my mom called and i told her what the deal was. She is like "you are gonna HATE taking that" I was like why? She said...i took it in HS when I had hives to reduce inflammation and it's a pill that makes you GAIN WEIGHT! I was like GREAT!!!! after all this achievement. ARGH! in anycase...i'm only taking them for 5 days and it's only a low i'll just be very careful on what i eat!

After that I came home and Asima and I went out to run an errand and then I went to LCB again for a visiting chef from the 2 star (3 star for 31 or 32-cant remember- years...lost one recently) restaurant called Taillevent.

The pastry was Arnaud Vodounou and then his asst was Andrea. They made two desserts.

Craquant aux feves de tonka (crunchy shortbread with tonka bean cream)

Fantasie de fruits exotiques (tropical fruit fantasie)

Then I came home for about two seconds and I met up with Maria from Portugal (my very good friend from the HEG program!) and we ate a restaurant in paris that specializes in fruit dishes called Paradis de fruit. It was ok. I had a crab salad. Then after that we quickly grabbed some starbucks and then I went out with Fernando and then introduced him to teddy! I KNEW that was a matchmade in heaven!!! I'm so good ;) Then fernando and I went back to his place to chat and before i knew it, it was 3ish so I walked home. I went to bed around 3:45! CRAZY day for me!!! But atleast I wasn't bored out of my mind!

In other news (so i don't have to write a new blog!) I watched the movie Across the Universe (the beatles one) on my computer...but for some reason the last 9 minutes didn't work! ARGH! So whatever...i'll find a way to watch it. But then a few nights ago Asima and I watched Sicko (FINALLY!!) and 1) the SOS medecin that came to my house last friday was IN the movie...hilarious and 2) I'm moving to canada or cuba :) JK! But seriously...i guess i don't realize how bad it really is! CRAZY!!!

Other news...that's it. I need to be working on my thesis...and i'm NOT!!! But i sure am enjoying living the life in Paris...

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I woke up this morning and I am about to go to the dr because i STILL can't hear...but i decided to try on one of the two pairs of jeans I've been avoiding. I know i've lost some weight...but i'm still avoiding them because i'm in denial. Anyway...i tried on the one pair...and they FIT! So i had to blog because no one is up yet that I can share my joy with! So i'm blogging about it to get it out of my system. Everything slow...but in time. No rush this time...and not doing it to lose weight...but for some health concerns that I'm having...this is just a bonus! And they look ADORABLE with my new boots. I'll try and take a picture. Maybe next week i'll be brave enough to try on the other pair...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Il de la Jatte

Well today I was miss tourist with Manuel. We had a lovely day!! (besides the fact that i still can't hear-but im going to the dr tomorrow!) anyway, my friend Nick is in the musical Sunday in the Park With George, which is based on George Seurat's painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. Well he asked me if I had heard of the island. I said no, but I would look for it. He wanted me to take some pictures so he could show his cast. Now it's called Il de la Jatte and it's on the border of Paris and the suburb Neuilly. It was about 30 min away from my place. But pretty easy to find and just beautiful! Anyway... Manuel and I met halfway there and went together to the actual island. When we got there we went to the Park which is where Mr. Seurat did his painting which is now called Square Alfred Sisley who was also an impressionist. Anyway, I had read that that the area was very commercial now and that this park was now a garden which was open during certain hours. Well we got there and it was CLOSED. Meaning for good. No one could enter because of the high tides! AND THEY WERE HIGH! But no one was around and I just needed a few pictures, so Manuel and I jumped fence (and other people must have too because there was fresh dog poop) and i took a bunch of pictures.

Then Manuel and I walked the island a bit more, which happens to be 3.04 km. And we sat down and ate lunch on a park bench. Ofcouse i came prepared. I made tuna salad along with some fresh lettuce, a piece of bread and an apple. It was delicious and we had GREAT weather! Then we walked back to the metro and went to the bookstore so I could get some magazines. Then we went to Laduree for some coffee and then Manuel went to work at 3 pm. We had a lovely afternoon. These are the days I love Paris and never wanna leave!!!! After that I went grocery shopping and came home to cook dinner. I made some fish I never heard of (but it was a white fish and VERY tasty) with dill, white wine and lime juice and as a side dish I made a puree of carrots with carmelized onions. Both I didn't use recipes for and I came up with it on my own! And they were very tasty! Now I'm about to go read my magazine and relax. Have a nice night and enjoy the pictures!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


is NOT fun :( However...since i still can't's prolly a good thing for me that I'm not employed. And yes...I've called the dr. I am waiting for him to call me back. And i've also looked online and it said that for an inner earache, this is normal for my hearing not to be back til atleast a week if not more. And it hasn't been a week! So shush :)

Anyway...I've been doing a lot of napping, and shopping (splurged on a great pair of boots!), and laundry and then I cooked twice. I made my first chili! It was a hit! Who knew?!?! And then because I had so many extra beans I made red bean and jalepeno burgers...they were fantastick! I think coming to france was the best thing I could have done...cause now I can cook and i LOVE IT!

Oh...but major thing happened. Our drain stopped working. So sunday I went out to lunch while Asima stayed home. And the night before I decided to be "penny the plumber" (which Asima finds very funny) and i unscrewed the drain and tried to clean it. Well that was stupid cause all the water came leaking i rescrewed it together. Anyway, Sunday when I was out Asima ran the dishwasher and I guess something is wrong now and it flooded the ENTIRE kitchen. So i had to rush home. However that was Sunday and we are now waiting for Madame to show up today to call a plumber which prolly won't come til the end of the week or so. BUT the catch is...water isn't even going down the drain! So we don't wash many dishes and we throw them in the dishwasher which we can't even run. So it's kinda annoying!!!

As far as a job...I'm still waiting. However I am hoping I should find out by the end of the week. Supposedly my resume has been passed on the HOT head chef and he is deciding if he wants me to do my internship there or not! CRAZY! But we'll see ;)

Other than that, I've been trying to work on my thesis...but I'm pretty bad at it. SO i give up quickly. But i guess I should go work on that now....mmm?!?

I'm playing tourist tomorrow so i'll prolly put up a blog with check back! toodles for now :)