Friday, January 25, 2008

not much

So, not much has happened in my two days off this week. On tues I walked to the Marais (1 hr there) to meet Manuel for lunch and then walked back (1 hr back) but i stopped to it took me longer. I bought a new pair of boots, a couple of shirts and some magazines. The sales are still going on so I'm trying to take advantage of that. My gym membership also ends on the 6th of Feb and I am not sure if I am going to renew that for 3 months or not...gotta decide...meaning I should be taking advantage of that too! hahaha. I also made dinner on tue nite. Tyler had told Asima how good my smokies were so I made those. Then I worked on my paper til Teddy came over for a little bit. We just talked. He likes to see me outside of work. He is genuinely a nice guy. I don't think he wants anything from me which is even nicer. Just a nice companion! On wed I had my appt with seb and then I came home and had to write a CV (resume) and letter of motivation IN FRENCH! I attempted it in French and then my friend guillaume helped me re-write it! He said it was awful. Oh well. I can't even believe I tried to write a letter in french...ha! Then eventually I worked on my paper for a few hrs. I went to bed REALLY early as I think I am coming down with a cold. However I started taking medicine early enough that I think it's just staying in my throat. Anyway...stay tuned...there may be some very important info on my blog within the next week :)

Monday, January 21, 2008


Well last nite Manuel, his friend (and I've gone out with him a few times now) Chris and I went to see Cabaret the Musical...IN FRENCH! First was at Folies Bergeres. That was the most exciting part! HOW COOL!?!??! I mean I've always heard about it, sang about it, and wanted to know more...but I actually got to go there! It was pretty neat! And then we saw the show. Let's see. Sally Bowles...BLONDE?!?! I mean what?!? That was the one thing that shocked me the most! I mean for those of you who know the show...come on! Sally is NEVER Blondie! But she was talented. GREAT voice and a great actress. However on the opposite spectrum...the actress who played Fraulein Schneider was HORRIBLE! At first i thought she just zoned out when she sang...but no. Her voice was bad and she just couldn't flow her acting into her singing. So every time she was onstage the show just dropped. The energy and everything. I didn't want to pay attention! Haha. The other actors were good though. They interacted with the audience and stuff and "lulu" (if you know the show-she is a lesbian) she talked to me and blew me kisses during the entire show. So i went along with it. Actually right after intermission...the Emcee pulled Chris onstage. He was so embarrassed...but it was funny. He faked grabbing Chris's ass! It was great! I was SO lucky I knew the show very well because like I said it was all in french...but it was SO cool to see it in french. Even the songs were in french! It was done really well and I really enjoyed it. MUCH better than West Side! Ha. The costumes, set, orchestra and choreography were all great! I give this production a thumbs up! AND...before i left my roommate took a mini photo shoot of me in my new dress (a "solde" purchase!)and necklace (that Manuel gave me). Enjoy!

Boring's has been boring! I know. sad huh? I was told it gets like this when galette season dies down. Notice i didn't say stopped! doesn't stop til the 1st of Feb...but it has gotten slower. I find myself walking around asking people for work and they have I stand around watching. I guess I'm learning from watching...but I am a hands on girl. So I'm annoyed. If I'm not going to be working on something I would MUCH RATHER be home working on my thesis. Ok well...maybe doing something else...but still!!!! A couple of days ago...chef sent one person home at 11 who normally doesn't go home til 3:30 and another home at 3who doesn't go home til 8! But he made ME stick around! POOP! oh well.

On another note...Asima (my roommate-check out her cool blog) and I went to see Into the Wild. Manuel had a movie date already to see that that's why I went with Asima. WOAH! Heavy duty. I really enjoyed this movie. It was a change from all of the other movies i have been seeing. It was very deep, intellectual and a NOT what I thought it was going to be. If you want to see a movie where you have to think...then go see this. And i LOVED the music. I really like Sean Penn's style of writing! He is truly a brilliant screen writer.

Anyway...other than that....i should have another post up tomorrow with some pictures of me!