Friday, March 7, 2008

oh what a night!

It started out to be a great night! Then things kinda just tumbled down. Nothing horrible. But I did manage to take a few pictures!

These are three cakes that i got to cut. The fruit cake (or cake anglais as they call it) i didn't do anything with it. The marble cake I got to make a few days ago from scratch. The lemon cake (cake citron) I got to make the icing tonite and put it on and then eventually burnt myself which started my bad night :)

These are the financiers that i pipe almost EVERY night. That isn't even half of them. I pipe about 6 trays. Like I piping has gotten better and i don't mind doing this!

This is a dessert for the banquet room which is one of the desserts that won Chef Michalak his Coupe de Monde Championship in 2005. I asked what it was and we lost track of time so they forgot to tell me. But i will find out. But isn't it amazing!?

Anyway...I got to use the spray gun as well...which isn't as much fun as I thought. I guess it's just the sticky stuff that makes it annoying. But it's going to be my job every I have to get used to it. The only bad part about of my night (besides my huge burn) was that I chopped chocolate for almost 2 hrs (and that wasn't bad at all...i didn't mind it!) it was that I got into a fight with someone about it. actual FIGHT! Him yelling in french and me in English. Luckily there were no major chefs there. So...I apologized and then went home at 12. I'm over it...but he didn't seem to be when i left. Oh well. It was overall a VERY fun night at work. I really like working the night shift (although chef M isn't around as much! hehe). to start my day! Toodles

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Meeting Michalak :)

Well the big day came! I was a MESS the day before. Even Asima kept asking me what was wrong. We couldn't figure out til the end of the day and we realized i was just nervous for the next day :) I managed to get some sleep though! However during the day I primped forever!

I also had a coffee before work because I got there so early. this is how it went. I dressed up and went to work a little early because i had to give my other chef, Jean Marie, some papers. Which is true. I did have to give him stuff, but I could have given it to him during work, but this was a good excuse to look hot and give it to him early. So since i couldn't walk in the kitchen i walked by and asked for him. Well he wasn't there. Then I asked Gabrielle, the American, if my love was there. She said yes. I said I can't wait to meet him. She was like "get your butt into work then" I told her i wanted to meet him like I was (meaning in normal clothes) but I could see he was in his office doing work (ie; putzing on the computer!!!) So I changed and still looking good went into work and said hi to everyone. Last stop, Chef's office. I said Bonjour Chef and he replied. I told him my name and I went to the French Pastry School and I emailed him. He remembered and asked where i was from and then he said he spoke English. The rest of the convo was in English. He told me to eat everything and soak up as much knowledge as I can. I then proceeded to speak his ear off because I was nervous. I quickly stopped myself. Then 3 T.V. channels came during the day, but i managed to see him often. The only other time he spoke to me was 1) when the cameras were near me he told me to quier down a bit (i was pouring choc into a bowl) and 2) when he said goodbye and see you tomorrow. One of the other head chefs knew I was in love with him so every time he saw me looking at him he laughed at me. We started snickering and then Chef M would look at him and ask what was going on. Then once I was joking with another worker who purposely tripped me and Chef M saw and i just gave a little smirk. All day I was smiley and everyone was so confused. I just told them I was in love ;) So one of the chefs said he was going to try and help me. Don't think it's gonna happen though.'s nice to have high hopes!!! And it's nice that I just get to look at him all day. It makes the day go quicker. As for working the night shift...i like it. It went by quickly. I think it's going to be different stuff every night. Last night I did a LOT of weighing for someone who is prepping for a competition. Other than that....I'm a lot less nervous, but I still wanna look perfect because that's the first thing they see when you get to like someone and as of now it's the only way I can catch his attention! Stay tuned for updates!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Tourist day!

What a great start to my weekend(which are now Sun, Mon and Tue)! I woke up, got back on my jogging regime and went off on my day! I put on a cute outfit (new shirt and my cutie boots) and met my friend Sarah Fritz (who now lives in Germany) for a GREAT lunch!!!! We spent a few hrs catching up which was well needed. I miss her terribly!!! Then after that I met Asima and Tyler at the George Pompidou Center. Inside is a museum of modern art and since the first sunday of every month is free, we decided to take advantage of that! Enjoy the pictures!!

After that I went to a mtg then came home and cooked myself a great dinner since Asima had already eaten! Then it was downpour so I went to bed around 11:30ish. But it was a GREAT day and I felt so accomplished and very touristy!