Monday, March 31, 2008


Today I went to the Concours (competition)/pastry show with Asima and Tyler. It was at Parc de Exposition which is just outside of Paris. We left at 8:30 and arrived around 9:30. We then proceeded to spend all day there til 6ish. They pretty much ate all the baguettes and gelato in sight...when i stuck to coffee and diet coke ;) In anycase...the fun things that we did (besides get really great info for opening up our own pastry shops) was meeting Pierre Herme (the g-d of macarons in Paris) and watched the Competition with 11 countries competing. The France team actually were my friends. I worked with them at Plaza Athenee. Jerome and Alice are two young very talented Pastry Chefs. I think they are 22 and 21 (in that order) YOUNG! But i have a major crush on Jerome...hopefully you can see in pictures why (however...i didn't take many!) In any case...out of the 11 teams....FRANCE CAME IN FIRST! You will def see pictures why. They are AMAZING!! I was so proud of them...i had tears in my eyes! All of my Plaza friends were there and some from Gerard Mulot. It was nice to see them all. Overall it was a great day...but a LONG one! ENJOY THE PICTURES!

(on a side note-an IMPORTANT ONE-my internet gets shut off tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! and my cell phone gets shut off on april 8th!!!!) I apologize for the inconvenience! like all u peeps actually contact me! hahahaha! I'll blog when i can :)