Friday, December 21, 2007

Fun Blog!!!

Yes...that's true! This is going to be a mish mosh of tons of stuff...matzoh balls included ;)

So, I will start off by saying...i forgot to mention that yesterday at work I made almost 10 cups of coffee. Chef was so pleased with me. He smiled at me and thanked me a lot for that. He really likes when I make coffee...and I think he likes the way I make it too ;) Duh...i worked at starbucks long enough...i should know what i'm doing! We don't use a conventional coffee maker....i brew it with boiling water and pour it over the grounds. Fun times!

What else. I got off of work early because Liz graduated from LCB! I took some pictures. I will only post a few ;) the chef at the end is who got me my internship (well approved it and said I was good enough in both my pastries and my french to work there! so i thank him a lot! MERCI CHEF!!!)

Then I also have a picture that I recieved online from a friend in my Gastronomy program! We took a picture at the end of the course which I never go to post because I recieved it too late. He turned it into a holiday card so I thought i would share it all with you!

And the last picture I am going to post is of my famous dog, Tarzan! He is so cute i don't even know what to say!!! Just look for yourself ;) (i have 8 more of these if you wanna see them...too cute!!!) is the fun part! I got my schedule for next week! EEKS!!! As you all know it's Xmas week. Well...for's workaholic week! I have NEVER been so excited in all of my life! Here goes:
Monday: 8 pm to 6 am (1 pm to 11 pm Chicago time)
Tues (xmas day): 1 am to 6 am (6 pm to 11 pm Chicago time)
Wed: off
Thur: off
Friday, Sat, Sun: my normal work hours (extra 30 min added because of the holiday) 6 am to 4 pm (11 pm to 9 am Chicago time) you can see...I'll be sleeping during the days at the beginning of the week. THIS is what a real chef does. And i am SOOO excited to experience it :) It's going to be new for me...but i think it's going to be exactly what I need to get my new career started! OOOOH....I'm SOOO excited...if you can't tell!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hanging in there!'s been a few days and I'm almost at the end of week 3 of my stage. Let's see...I forgot to mention that I saw the Bee Movie on Sunday with Manuel. ADORABLE! It was not what I thought it was going to be(e) but it was SOOO cute and i loved it. I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a cute movie! I can't wait to see Sweeney Todd and Fred Claus!!! YAH! What else...I got to talk to my best friend Jon on the phone. It's been a good while...but it was nice. I also rekindled a friendship that has been long lost! Speaking of...i am due for some talks with some email me so you can tell me when the best time to call is :) THANK YOU! Oh...I had two days off this week. Tue and Wed! They were great. Manuel and I got to see eachother more. We went for coffee, went shopping and overall had a nice time together. He works at night and I work the its hard to see eachother. I went to the gym both days and Seb kicked my butt as usual :) But I loved it. He even has me running at 12 the US...not sure...but for me...that's high! I'm pretty shocked :) And i ALSO got a membership at the American Library in Paris where i have checked out 4 books for my thesis paper and started to do some research on it :) YAH FOR ME! OH...i haven't told you all my approved topic yet....drum roll please:

"why do we lose our innate ability to be satiated?"

I thought it was good for me because I tend to overeat...and not because i am hungry...but because I just dont know when I am full. However I learned in my class, that you are born with knowing the ability to be i want to research how we lose that! Cool huh? more like HARD!!!!

So needless to say, I had some good days off. I also have some more pictures for you of work. Just some things I haven't posted yet :)

These are some cookies I made. I made SOOOO many plaques of them, I can't even remember. I had to pipe them out, then put this nougat stuff in the middle and then bake them. Quite the fun time i must say ;)

These are from a plum tart I had to make. Well MANY i had to make. (i had to cut all of those plums into 6!) See that large one....well i finished it...and Yoko came over and redid the ENTIRE thing for me. That was my version. She took hers away too quickly for me to take a picture of it. I suck :( hahaha. The way I did it was took the tart shell (that i made!!!) and put some almond cream on it, then some breadcrumbs (which are made out of left over cake-which I also made) and then put on the plums! voila!

These are more pictures of the logs that I made. They are the coffee flavor. I got to try them today at work...they are SOOOO good! I think I'm gonna be buying one of those for xmas :) hahaha. But it was a lot of fun to decorate! And i did it all by myself. Notice my lines are much straighter than last time :)

Anyway...update on the boy situation. I gave letter B (the one who speaks english who worked at Trotter's) my email today because he is sending me some pictures of chocolate work he did. He is the bread baker as I said. I asked him what time he goes to bed. 12pm in the afternoon because he has to be at work at 12:30. I asked him his age too...23. He's been baking bread for almost 10 years he said! EEEKS...makes me feel like I started work to late! hahaha. That's that! I also had a guy confess his love for me today at work...but that's a whole other story that i dont wanna delve into and it's not even worth my time. Well..I am off to continue reading my book for my thesis. This book is actually good. It's called "The emotional eater's book of inspiration" by debbie danowski (she actually emailed me back too which was so nice!) I'm almost done and I've only had it two days! The holidays are just around the corner...but I'll write another post on that...but happy holidays!!!! toodles

Monday, December 17, 2007

Boys will be...

yes. this blog is about boys. I know you all want to know about my love life.'s non get ready for a great blog :) However first I have to mention a few things. Because I work all day...the boys i am talking about are from work...duh :) Second...i have to tell you about this girl (NOT like that) at work who rocks! Her name is Liza (not Liza with a Z...she pronounces it Leeza). Anyway...she lived in Philly for a little so she speaks english...but she LOVES swear this is our morning convo.
Her: "hey Bi$%h. How are you?"
Me: "fine and u?"
Her: "Good, Slut. C u later Muthafu%^er"
Me: "ok" that's a sample...but yesterday we got talking about how i was a slut...and she said because I slept with all the guys at work because i call them by the short versions of their names...Alexandre= Alex, Christophe= Chris...etc! I was like...DUH! So now this is an ongoing joke! only adds to my men situation. She is by far my fav person at work...HILARIOUS!!!!! 3) this has nothing to do with boys...but I have to thank Jaimee Gilford for keeping me busy this past week on AIM. Without her...I may have lost my mind from boredness :) However...this week I am starting my i should hopefully be a little busier!!!!

Ok...first off...this blog is dedicated to my good friend Nellz...who has taken a break from blogging...but if you care to read her FABULOUS's on the right hand side of my page :) LOTS of boy stuff...which I love! So...Nellz...this is for you :) and boys. There are a TON of them. I have written down everyone's name (i people keep poppin up!) But there are approx 25+ boys to about 9 girls or so! that's a HUGE difference. Mind you...some of the guys are dishwashers and some of them are 16...but there are a handful which are good enough for me. I'd say...atleast 10. Ok...won't name names...I don't wanna jinx anything...but here goes.

A) The cute one. He is my top choice...well WAS until today. He is french. Don't know his age. and his english SUX. I mean can't understand the word hi...although he knows hello. So it's great when I'm mad at him and I can rant and he has no clue :) Anyway...He's adorable. He works in entrements (cakes). I've worked with him a few times. He calls me his "amie" (friend). He also winks at me however Kaili used to just wink at people and not I wasn't sure. Well anyway...I thought that was a cute, i noticed him doing it to others. Oh well. Yesterday I told him it was adorable when he he smiled more. Good start. Until today! He was a jerk to me (normal for these french men who have power over american woman in the kitchen---i was worned by liza and yuki!) He was telling me what to do...but I was already 20 min over work...and when I told him i needed to go home to write my thesis...he laughed at me. So i just left. Still adorable...but needs an attitude change.

B) The one that speaks english. Second choice...but TOTALLY in the lead!!! He's the bread guy. Speaks (i think) perfect english. YET...still speaks to me in french (meaning he doesnt treat me like a baby). He worked at Charlie Trotter's in chicago and said he can hook me up (that's just a bonus!haha). We had a convo yesterday (not to be put on my blog-email me for info) and he offered to give me his number today. Well today...he kept coming into the room I work in (two rooms away) for NO reason at all...never has done that before, and when I walked into his room (i go in there often to serve coffee) he told me i was sweet. He tried to keep asking me questions so I would stay in there longer. He tells me I always smell good and that I'm hot (uh...ok). Issue...he has A LOT of tattoos...(visible ones) and i THINK he smokes...not sure though. But overall...he's so cute...and SO nice and yah.

C) The asshole. I also go for one of them u know?!? However...he has a unibrow (hahahah) and a mini mustache (is he growing it/trying/or not shaving). But he's tall, dark and handsome. BUT...he has the asshole thing going. Which, day one, i found out. He told me my french sucked...but he's another one...can't speak a lick of i told him back (in french) that my french is better than your shut up :) he liked that one! hahhaa. In anycase...he's gotten better. I think he's noticed that I actually CAN do things (as far as pastry) so he's letting me work more. So maybe at first he was intimidated by me!?! i don't know!

D) The quiet one. Cute...very cute...but SMELLS BAD! typical french. I don't have much to say about him. We work far from each other...but he is really nice to me. He speaks a little english...but when we speak french...he takes the time to explain to me. Even when giving me directions when i work with him. But can I get over the smelly thing?! UH!!!!

E) The friend of the cute one who LOVES the fact that I make him coffee. Ok...he's pretty adorable as well. Today he called me beautiful because I made him coffee twice. It was cute. But then he was being a dick with his friend. Oh well. Yesterday was funny as well because I was making a joke about changing and i started to unsnap two buttons and he was like all wide eyed and goes "Yah...go for it". I just laughed and go..."you wish!" I don't know his age. But....if I keep making him coffee...i'm in :) hahhaha

F) The YOUNG one. He's not cute. But we chat the most out of everyone. He works next to me and he wants to get better at english because he plans on moving to FL or CA in 2 years. He is 20. He is SUPER nice. We actually got yelled at yesterday for talking to much. But he also helps me learn what I'm doing wrong. He also showed me where the office was one day after work. Just a nice guy!

G) The long haired dude. He has hair as long as mine (down to his shoulders). He wears a headband,is a breadbaker, wears all white (including a white thong) and he is SO quiet that he eats his lunch alone. Sad. I've been there two weeks and i finally asked him what his name was. I feel bad for the guy...especially cause is really cute. Oh well.

And then there are a few others...but those are the main ones!!! you know my dilemnas...I will keep you posted. Feel free to email me/comment/ or do whatever you want regarding my boys blog! I had to do one sooner or later. I mean...i waited almost 12 months to write one! hahaha. Ok...i have two days off...i am going to enjoy them...and take a trip to the american library i think! Toodles.