Friday, February 22, 2008

Always look on the bright side of life

Wow...what a great day. Great week. Great life. I'm pretty positive! I went for a jog today (and the song that was playing when i first started was the title of my blog!) 12 (in a row- tomorrow is my day off) As I was jogging, I saw SOOO many dogs including a Dalmatian which just made my day! Then a little girl, who was just adorable, started to jog with me...which was even cuter! Then I came home and went to an appt with a new friend and we had a VERY uplifting and inspirational talk. I had one yesterday too with another new friend. I hate that i am meeting people finally and leaving soon! In any case, I'm getting a lot of positiveness. Then I walked around for a bit and picked up Asima's graduation gift! Can't say what it is in case she reads this...but she graduates March soon!!! Anyway...then I came home and on the metro home there was a woman playing the guitar who was singing VAN (thanx jon!) Morrison's "moondance". She was OBVIOUSLY not french. Something in my mind told me to give her a i did and i said to her, "you're not from France I'm assuming" and she replied to me "I'm English, but i live in France, like you once" And i thought to myself "like you once" and i just smiled. And i live here. How magical!!! It was a great feeling and i knew it was the right decision to give her the euro. Then I came home...ate lunch, reconnected with an old friend from HS and whipped out a few more pages of my thesis!!! All things more positive! Then Asima made dinner for Tyler and I. She made a GREAT dish of whole wheat pasta with veal meatballs and homemade sauce and grilled eggplant! PLUS...for dessert was mango pannacotta with splenda! GREAT ending! So...overall it was a GREAT day!

I made two dishes this week that I wanted to post (also Asima asked me if I could post them). Since my AMAZING friend Kaitlin introduced me to this new feature (which I felt like a dummy because I didn't know how to do this) i am going to test it out. The two dishes I made were Chicken stuffed with zucchini, red pepper, and goat cheese in which I didn't follow through and make the sauce. I just cooked the chicken in the oven and actually used the rest of the filling and mixed it in with some whole wheat pasta and it made it kind of cheesy...which was delicious! I also made Smoked Haddock and Potato Pie. For this one I made a SMALL batch...and i mixed emmental and cheddar cheese. And the fromage frais was creme fraiche which I think back home is sour cream?!? was delicious! And because Kaitlin was so good to me...I will share her blog with you all...check it out!!!. I thoroughly enjoy it ever day.

Well...i must go to bed because I am going to disney tomorrow :) Check out the blog because I will be posting pictures! Toodles!!! (and stay positive! i'll try to also!)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Say goodbye to the freak show...

(it's a line from the musical sideshow if you don't know the title of my blog) In anycase...i'm sad to say that a great era is ending. I can't use the name (for if i did...i may get sued if they find me) But if any of you recall me being Bitty Bear...the company I used to work for had decided to close all the theatres (chicago, new york, and l.a.) and just be a regular, old store. Some say it's financial reasons, others say that they just want to create a new look without live performers. Whatever the case...I am saddened that my friends are losing jobs and at the same time, proud to say that I was part of something so special. It was always my dream to work there since I was a little kid...and to say I did, will always hold a special place in my heart. So i sign off saying best of luck to my second family in chicago. I will come visit when i get home! As Bitty Bear would say "we're just a great big part of a great big..FAAAAmily tree" so that doesn't mean because we are seperarting we need to lose that feeling! kisses!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Plaza pictures!

I keep forgetting to put up pictures of the Plaza Athenee...where I will be starting work on Monday! When I was there last week I took some pictures of the outside! Mind you...this place is VERY fancy. I took only ONE picture of a Maserati...but there were TWO there! And that's not even it...there was EVERY kind of car imaginable there!!! They have a fancy door man and we chatted when I was there! I also saw an adorable chihuahua when I was there. This is the place where I saw Don Johnson when my parents were intown. In anycase...enjoy the pictures that i took!
(if you click on the last picture you can blow it up and see some of the desserts I HOPE I will be making!!!)