Saturday, December 1, 2007

3 jours

Hi blog readers. So i didn't feel the need to post because for 3 whole days I was locked in my room doing nothing but sleeping/eating/and taking drugs. I had a cold. And since I couldn't breath...I tried to sleep whenever possible (which was very hard), I ate only rice because I couldn't taste anything so why waste the calories, and I was popping cold medicine like it was my job! I only did this because I start my Stage on monday...if it was any other circumstance...I'd still be running around like a madwoman (my usual self). But this is so important to me, I don't want to mess up! So it's now Saturday and I feel much better. I actually left the house today (a few times!) :) So...stay tuned for next weeks ventures into, what I can say is, the beginning of my new life :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

West Side Story

This blog is dedicated to my favorite haranders...and to anyone who appreciates theatre as much as i do!

I went to see West Side Story tonite with Manuel and his friend Chris. We all sat seperate though. Good thing...i'd be complaining all night to them! Here is a rundown of my thoughts of how bad this production was!

West Side is my favorite musical. It's traditional in everyway. They said it was original Jerome Robbins choreography...which it was...and all of the lyrics were the same..."womb to tomb, sperm to worm" (dana!). However...and I am not against colorblind casting...BUT a BLACK anita?!?! who, may I add, had a TERRIBLE puerto rican accent. You could barely understand her. Not to mention...she had a bad singing voice. SO bad, that during the quintet, they had to use the rest of the cast to sing with her!!!

Now Maria, she looked the role, but she was an Opera diva, with nasal issues. Mixed with Tony who was WAY too old for the role and he had a jazz voice who was also too nasal (no josh forman i tell yah!). Put them together and you lost Tony but they didn't blend well at all. Tony also spelled out everything he sang, so it looked like he was doing an interpretive dance to everything! And he cracked on the last note of Maria.

As for minor roles, Riff- Had no voice at all. Baby John-GAY!!!!!!!! and Action and Bernardo- too overdramatic. All of the actors actually couldn't act or sing. The dancing...i'll give them that. They could dance. But I don't think just because it's a dancing show you should forgo the singing and acting abilities of a performer! ARGH!

and the costumes! AHHHH!!! The jets were wearing silk orange ties with brownish silk jackets that said jets on the back for the dance. This isn't Grease! The Shark girls...all were wearing hot pink except ONE girl was wearing red and it wasn't even Anita?!?! Horrible! I was appaled!

Overall...i could have walked out during the first act, but I stayed to watch the terrible second act :) I tried to meet the cast after the show because they were all american (the show was in english), but we went to the wrong door and by the time we got to the stage door, everyone left!

In anycase...don't do west side story if you can't do it well! end of story!!!!


Well with school being over...the blogging commitment for me is changing! I don't feel like i have to blog everyday. So I will now be blogging when I feel necceassry! So just pay attention every so often. I don't know if there is a way to subscribe?! Sorry. However I do start my stage on look for a post then!

I did want to say about today. I went to my friend Genvieve's store (she was in my HEG program). Her store is gorgeous and it was really good to see her. Then for dinner I went to Dzintras (my hopefully soon to be tv star) friend's house! We spent the entire night catching up! And she made me a terrific dinner as usual!

It was a good first day back to the Paris life :) So enjoy my new blogging!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

HEG peeps! WATCH!!!

I woke up at 11 and Manuel and I went to my place to drop off my bags. At 2 pm I met up with Maria...the most amazing person I met in my two week course! We were craving normal food (below will be a slide show of all of the amazing food I ate all week- in no specific order. Plus random pictures!) we went for pizza!!! We chatted for 3 hrs and it was wonderful. I love her and will miss her dearly. At 5 pm I came back home, unpacked, did laundry and was very sad thinking about how I miss all of my new friends AND how i have to write a thesis!!!

Enjoy the slide show!

The rest of the night was boring. I went to bed at 9:30 again. I'm trying to catch up on sleep. Plus I'm still sad :(