Thursday, May 31, 2007


This blog is mainly just for the slide show of all of the food I made this trimester! Enjoy. I'm now on blogging hiatus til the 11th of June :) I'll be back and ready to watch comes SUPERIOR PENNY!!!!!!!!!

CIAO for NOW! heehee.

remise des diplomes

YAH! So today was the day. However WHAT A CRAZY MORNING! Ok...So i was sleeping and Liz was up about to go to the market and Bee was cleaning out her room and all of a sudden the doorbell rang. The woman that lives below us came in screaming that the shower was leaking downstairs through the ceiling and completely ruining everything. So we had to shut off our water! So today...i had no water in my bathroom. So when I was about to shower I decided to use madame's bathroom...well she had no HOT water! SO i was out of luck and smell and have pretty nasty hair even though i rinsed it. Atleast I'm leaving tomorrow :)! Anyway...after all that mess, Liz and I went to run mad errands. I got a good deal on a camera. So atleast I'll be good for italy :) You will all get to see my adventures! No worries. And I promise I will blog like mad when I get home. But for now...GRADUATION! So we came home and fake showered and got dressed. Then Sarah, Liz's new classmate, came over and we left for the graduation. WELL...I left Bee's gift at home and Sarah...the nice person she is...ran home for me and got it! Luckily we were only JUST at my metro...but still SOOOO nice! I owe her one! we get to graduation and we start SUPER late. We started at like 3:45 and ended at like 6...BUT...i have some exciting news. I don't know if I should post it because even though you ALL think i LOVE to brag, i don't. And I definately don't want my classmates thinking this is going to go to my head because it WONT! Anyway...I was 3rd in my class for pastry! Out of 42 people I placed 3rd. I was SHOCKED! When they said that, one of my cuisine chefs said to me..."it's in pastry" and all i was thinking in my head was "ofcourse dumbass...did you really think I thought i could be 3rd in cuisine?!?!?" I wanted to smack him! Anyway...i was so amazed! I didn't expect it AT ALL! After I left stage I started crying a bit. I was soooo happy. I couldn't wait to call home!

Anyway...after the ceremony I stayed for 2 glasses of champagne and then came home! Called mom and dad! DUH! And then I did a whole bunch of cleaning! Liz moved into her room so I now have my own room again! Doesn't matter much. I'm leavin tomorrow! But...nonetheless! SO i cleaned and somehow got packed with TONS of laziness and procrastination in between! Anyway...I ALSO purchased a skype telephone line with an 847 area code. SOOOOO those of you who live in my home town who want to call...CAN and it will be a local phone call! But you need to contact me to get the number! How fun!!!!!'s 11:30 and I leave tomorrow for ITALY! Talk to you when I get back. Ciao ;)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

May 30, 2007 i was a BIT lazy today...but productive as well :) I didn't go to the gym...BUT i did practice piping opera and studied my recipes. I slept in a bit...til 9. That's late for me ;) And did all my stuff and left the house at 1. I went camera shopping and failed again at that! tomorrow is my day though!!!!!! Anyway...I went to school to study more and talk to people about the exam. At 3:30 we had our exam. The 3 dishes were Douceur, Jamaique, and tarte passion framboise. I got the jamaique! Katie, Melissa and I had the same thing while Kaili had the tart! we were SOOO happy that we didn't have to temper chocolate. And although the passion fruit/raspberry tart was SUPER easy, people were complaining that the dough was too soft to work I was super pleased that i got the jamaica! I was the ONLY one out of the 5 people who did the jamaica that decorated their cake. The others did the pineapple trick which is a simple pineapple in the center of the cake! And my Opera writing didn't look so bad either. I didn't do it the traditional way. I wanted to branch usual! So below you can see my work...however they were from my camera phone so you can't tell much! i PROMISE i will get a camera for italy!!!

Anyway...after school liz met me and we walked home in the rain. Then we went to H&M and did a little damage...but not to much. On the walk home we got pizza hut. Crappy...but it was raining out and we wanted a girls night in (even though the both of us are ALWAYS attached to our computers!) So...after we ate I tried to clean up and get ready for next trimester (i'm not even ready for italy...WHAT?!) And now I'm getting ready for bed! Check out my blog tomorrow because 1) i'll have a slideshow of ALL the food i made this trimester and 2) I GRADUATE!!!! SUPERIOR HERE I COME!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May 29, 2007 i woke up still peeved about my camera and went to the gym. Came home and actually did my hair because today was test day. I believe that if I look better, I will feel better and do better. Not the case. More on that later. Anyway...I left to go see if my camera could be fixed. When I turn it on, the screen is black and the pictures taken are black! ARGH! Anyway...They guy said it wasn't repareable. So then I started looking at camera prices. I can't live without a camera here...ESPECIALLY since i am leaving for italy on friday!!!!!! So i got frustrated and figured I'd wait the day. I went to school and found my friends studying so I sat with them for a bit then went to school. I changed and started looking over my wine stuff but not really caring. At 12:30 we had our LAST pastry demo which Liz and Sarah came to. It happened to be my FAVORITE dessert of all times...Millefeuile! those of you in the states...Napoleons! I actually did a report in jr high and brought those to school! haha. was a long and boring class because all i wanted to do was to take my exam! at 3:30 was my cuisine exam. The two dishes were Poulet Basque and Trout. I got the trout. So I can't filet a fish...but i could do eveything else. Or else i thought i could. I BOMBED this exam. My fish was over carrots were over cooked (which they are usally i wasn't too concerned), my sauce was RETCHEDLY salty (not enough sauce!!!!) and my onions....i dont even know where to start! oy! I guess everyone's onions were bad though. That was the technical part. Those blew. Mine looked HORRIBLE! I was completely embarrassed that i go to this school and they taught me stuff and THAT is what i produced! Anyway...there is NOTHING i can do about it now. So no need to complain ;) I did however take a picture with my phone (more on that later too!)

After class...I drank a diet coke while my friends had a beer. THEN we had our last wine class. Which was the test and then drinking LOTS of champagne. The test...i didn't study...but i did it. I dont know if i failed but I dont think i did. I also have a GREAT story. I was sitting next to melissa and she was playing with the fat under my arm and I said "i didnt have that before. But now i do since i gained weight" and this oriental girl (no offense) sitting next to her says to me "yes, you put on some more. I haven't been her in two months and you've put on some more" I said thanks and looked away. She goes (to try and cover up) "no...everyone has, but you put on more" I wanted to crack her one! Instead I just drank champagne. ARGH! what a b--ch!!!! After class i came home. Liz and I popped popcorn in a pan (we dont have a microwave) and it was really good. and I sat at her computer for about 1 hr trying to figure out bluetooth so I could send my pictures to her comp! Mine doesnt have it. its old! FINALLY i figured it out. So thats how u can all see my pretty final dish! Then i called home to figure out the camera situation. Turns out i have a warranty and I'll be able to get it fixed for free and maybe get it replaced. But i still have to buy something in the meantime for italy. For now, it's midnight and i haven't studied pastry (not worried at all) and i HAVE to go to bed. LAST final tomorrow and then i am a SUPERIOR STUDENT! ok...nite all!

May 28, 2007

So today was the beginning of a hectic week. I woke up at 7:45 and went to the gym. Came home and got dressed and left rather early to run some errands. I got to school early because I had to print some stuff for italy and it was my last demo with a practical with it. We had part two of croquembouche. So the demo was at 12:30 and then at 3:30 we made the rest of it. (interlude- I went to take my usual pictures during the demo---first time i was turning on my camera for the day---and it was BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!! i nearly died. more to come of this story) Kaili and Katie didn't come so Melissa and I were partners. It was actually kind of fun. Chef said mine was tres jolie! So i guess it was ok. Things kept breaking though and it was A LOT harder than the chef who did the demo made it look! But I was SOOO happy when it was done and all I wanted to do was toss it out the window. But you can see for yourself ;) I ate a few of the left over cream puffs and put the entire thing downstairs so others could eat it. I mean it tasted ok...but to me...U.G.L.Y. oh well. I don't think I'll be near a croquembouche for a LONG time to come...but it would be pretty cool to have one at my wedding ;)

After class I came home and just relaxed and met Sarah who is also a new student like Liz. We all chatted for a while and I procrastinated on my studying as usual ;) I made myself a VERY tasty salad and returned a bunch of emails. Eventually I studied a bit and then went to bed. It wasn't the most productive of evenings...but oh well!

Sunday, May 27, 2007


today was such a gloomy, depressing day! I woke up at like 10ish and didn't do much. I made eggs and toast for breakfast. Then eventually at 12:30 or so I said to Liz, let's leave and go to the american grocery store! So we did. And it was raining. And only one of the two places were open. And we spent absurd amounts of money on stupid american products. But the dr pepper is worth it :) Then we came home. And i was lazy again. I worked on Italy a bit more and actually finished that. Or enough that I didn't want to work on it anymore! Then eventually we showered and met Sarah up for dinner at a Thai place in China Town. Still raining. It was good food though and heated discussions. Then we came home. Once again...lazy and putzing! Tomorrow though...STUDY! For now...bed.