Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mi Premier Blogue

Welcome all to my first posting which happens to be still here in the states. Actually in AZ while on vacation. I thought I'd give everyone an update on my pre-France jitters! This past week everyone I know or have encountered has asked in some form or another "Are you excited to leave" and my first thought is "eh..." Most of you know me...I DON'T do well with change..and this is a BIG one. I excited? I nervous? YES! am I ready...HELLS NO :) But I know when I get there things will be great.

Things are starting to fall into place in the states that I'm just not ready to leave. I finally felt that I started a life in Chicago. I met so many wonderful friends while working here that I hope I don't lose those bonds. Most importantly, my best friend is finally in the same state as me and I hate having to leave her. It's been a fun few weeks with her. And I am thankful for her always being there for me during this rough time in my life.

On another note, I am finally secure with myself, my body, and overall who I am as a person. If anything this will only help me in France. I think because of this, it's helped me in the past few weeks attain my goals in expressing my feelings to people who mean a lot to me, and hopefully they realize that I only say things because I care about them and not to hurt them.

I also, as crazy as it sounds, decided to become a vegetarian. I know I long will this last?! not sure...but I KNOW that after seeing the movie Fast Food's made me think twice before wanting to de-skin a boar, and choking a chicken (a real one...u sickos!) which i will have to do when I attend school; more or less eat either of those!

So today marks 18 days left til I leave. After Joseph, which was a very harsh reality of one profession ending and another beginning, I realized that all of this was coming much sooner than I thought. However, 18 days is practically right around the corner. I have so many emotions going through my head. Too many to mention. As my father has said to me once too many times "Besheret" which in the jewish language means meant to be. If things are meant to be for me in France...they will be and it will all fall into place. The same goes for my life. If you are all meant to be there for me, which I hope you are...then I'll see you on the flipside. Till then, I hope you continue to read my blog and comment and stay intouch!

Bonne Nuit!